Five on Friday

Friday, May 25, 2018

Hi, friends! What a week! This was the last full week of school before summer. Next week we have 3.5 days and then it is freedom! I can't wait to spend the mornings with G, go to the park, swim, and hang with friends.

A few things I am loving this week:

1. This nail polish color is my absolute favorite!

2. J. Crew has the best swimsuits and so many are on sale right now! My J. Crew suit (bottoms here, top here) is perfect for Memorial Day. The seersucker pattern can easily be paired with a red cover-up for the perfect patriotic outfit!

3. THIS DRESSER! It must find a place in my new house. I am obsessed!

4. Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. I finally caved to the masses and got some of this gold and it is heaven. I normally don't like eggs, but with this on top, I could eat them for days!

5. Bachelorette comes back on Monday! Do y'all watch? I am so excited! I love when the show falls over the summer because then I can stay up late watching and not worry about being tired the next day! I can't wait to watch!

BONUS: The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is going on now! I probably won't be partaking because I need to save my pennies to furnish our new house, but a girl can surely window shop :) These platform sandals are a fan favorite and they are going fast!

Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Thursday, May 24, 2018

I’ve had my Apple Watch for six months now and I feel that is adequate time to give an honest review and….


There are many, many reasons I love it, but I will highlight my five favorite reasons.

1. The ability to have the speaker phone on your wrist! Graham is really interested in holding my phone when people call and he always ends up hanging up on them. Since I can use my watch as a phone, we just make calls on that and I can continue my normal routine and G never asks to hold it.

2. Quickly checking text messages. How many times does you phone go off and you feel like you have to get to it ASAP? Now, I just glance at my watch and if the text can wait, I just leave my phone wherever it is.

3. Speaking of leaving your phone, you can ping your phone to find it and I do this ALL THE TIME. If my phone is not in my direct line of sight then I ping it. Chris gets so annoyed and I think it is hilarious!

4. Tracking my fitness. I love being able to close all my activity rings for a day. It is a competition I have with myself everyday! And, your watch encourages you! It will tell you, “You can do it, Sarah!” or it will say, “It’s time to stand up!” (It JUST told me to stand up, haha!) It can track your heart rate or help you through breathing exercises. Also, it is really accurate. If you’re really into fitness, I definitely recommend the Apple Watch!

5. The weather! You can customize the face of your watch and one thing I’ve put on my watch face is the weather. I love checking it first thing when I wake up because it helps me ensure I dress Graham appropriately for the day. I don’t have to get on my phone and wait for the weather app to load. I just quickly glance at my watch and what weather is in store for the day.

Bonus: It is waterproof! So I don’t need to worry about it getting ruined or accidently getting it wet!

There are a million other perks and benefits to having an Apple Watch. Honestly, I was skeptical about getting one, but now I am addicted! If you’re on the fence, I really think that you’ll love it!

PS: I have the 42mm because I already can't see and I needed the bigger one to be able to see. Also, Chris thinks I'll get tired of wearing it and will give it to him. He is really, really wrong. And, I want a more formal band for it, but I just keep forgetting to buy one!

Maui: Day 2

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I mentioned in my Day 1 post that we were not on the lucky receiving end of the Maui weather, but we did not let that stop us from enjoying all Maui has to offer.

On day 2 of our trip my sister in law and I started our day with a run along the boardwalk. The boardwalk is a path that runs along the beach in front of all the resorts in Wailea. This was the BEST way to see the most luxurious resorts Maui has to offer!

After our run we all headed to the beach for a day full of relaxation. Chris and my father in law had gone to the beach early to set out our beach chairs. Once we made it down to the beach, we grabbed our books and got to relaxing.

It was freezing. Like, cover yourself with a towel freezing, yet Chris stand-up paddle boarded for an hour! He rented a paddle board from the resort and it was so fun watching him go back and forth.

After a few hours at the beach we decided to pack up and walk back to our condo. The next few hours consisted of us doing nothing but reading, drinking fruity drinks, eating, lounging, napping, and more lounging. It was amazing.

At one point my mom called so we got to talk to Graham and that woke me up out of my nap, so I was all charged up and ready for an adventure. Chris and I snuck away to go explore some of Maui’s top beaches and they did not disappoint! We were so sad that the weather wasn’t great, but we loved exploring how different each beach was.


One famous beach in Maui is called Big Beach and Little Beach. I had read about how big beach was just that, big, and super family friendly. Right over a rock was little beach and that was for the more free-spirited, I should say. Since we went all the way there we had to check out both beaches. Big beach was huge and beautiful and on a sunny day I am sure it would have been packed. We trekked over the rock to Little Beach and saw just what people had warned us about :)

After our little excursion we headed back to the condo and did more lounging. We finally all managed to pull ourselves together and head to dinner at Nick's Fishmarket which is located in the Fairmount. The food was delicious and it was another perfect day in Maui!